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Language and Culture

Why should you learn Chinese?

It is said that the language is the gate to the culture of a land and understanding of the culture is the gate to the men’s hearts. We offer you the keys to the both of the gates.

  • China has experienced the fastest economic growth in the last 30 years. Nowadays, it is one of the most important economic partners and the most populated country in the world (1, 3 Billion inhabitants). Therefore, the interest for the employees speaking Chinese has increased at the German and other international firms. Obviously, Chinese is becoming essential for the intercultural communication.
  • Nevertheless, China is well-known not only for its economic importance but also for its history and culture. The country has much to offer you: from the Chinese wall to the Caesar’s Palace in Beijing.

We help you to build your business in China as well as organize a trip to this country.

Who is the language course organised for?

  • The course is prepared for those, who do not want to travel to a different country without any previous preparation. We help to prepare for the exchange programs, for the study journey, for the job stay or even for a trip to China.
  • The course is planned for such people, who are bored in overfilled rooms taking part at passive lessons. In the language courses organised by the team of Easy Culture, you will work individually. You will have to be active but on the other hand, you can decide about the intensity of the course. Only then, you can reach the expected goals.